Saturday, November 22, 2014

Strongbow Real Finds Real

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Strongbow, the global cider brand has hit its mark with 3 new refreshing variants last Wednesday, 12 November, namely Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey & Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower. Offering enthusiasm and freshness to the plate, these three new ciders will appear on the rack starting next month. Made from freshest apples, these top notes new variants will be enjoyed by many.

For the launch, Strongbow threw a party remarkable party @ 31 Square offering free flow of the 3 new apple cider variants for the first time to tickle our cider buds. Besides, they deliberately serve apple-made-desserts to match the idea of apple cider and loads of roasted meats & toasts. It gave me the feel of picnic by the garden, you have an apple cider on one hand laying on the blanket munching on the toast having a good chat with the people around you. That's heavenly good.



When the sun goes down, more chatters & more Strongbow apple ciders to go on.



Elizabeth Tan performed on that day, her voice is so enchanting. Great music with a great drink, what more can I ask for?



❀ Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey


Honey = Sweet. This pleasant bottle of cider delivers not only the crisp apple cider but adding on the twist of honey aroma giving that smooth concoction upon each and every sips. It comes in an outstanding bronze hue and ends with a refreshing hint of rhubarb for a fruity finish.

The first sip has its honey sweetness conquers your taste buds and the following sips smoothen with cider goodness.


Candid shot of me with the beautiful presentation of Strongbow Apple Cider Honey.


❀ Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower


The perfect match of elderflower & lime blended in the scenario of picnic whereby the whiff of flora aroma completes the drinking & catching up session. On top of that, this bottle of Apple Cider comes with the hint of Muscat and fresh litchi fruits which hits the ‘bull’s-eye’.

That ice cold aromatic glass of apple cider got me driven by the scent of flora and I really like the idea of flower together with a twist of lime giving the feel of freshness.

❀ Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold


That crystal gold clear color of Gold Apple Cider serves subtle sweet crisp apple bite that sweetened up taste bud luring the desperation for more & more.


Bold and gold. The premium taste of apple crisp lingers in my mouth after I chug down a cup of it and I'm loving it.

"Tasting Strongbow is an experience by itself; it offers the perfect first drink to start the evening as a prelude to a lovely night or simply the perfect drink for a hot sunny afternoon. At anytime it sets the stage for you to be yourself as you indulge in real conversations with great company of friends and family." said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB).

Follow by performances by the bands of honour.

Mission completed. I got my exclusive taste of all three new variants of Strongbow Apple Ciders. Now I know what to beverage to add into my party list, deffo gonna be Strongbow Apple Ciders GOLD.

For more information, log on to:


Hope you had a good read. Till my next entry, take care.

Love Anne XOXO

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Night of Fright | Halloween

Make some times out of the blue to blog about my Halloween night. Very rare huh?. Just cause I have a bad day today so I decided to drop everything and just go home get a warm shower & nasi kerabu for dinner. I'm yet to completely recovered from food poisoning though, but there goes my appetite towards nasi kerabu. *grins*
That nausea pangs attacked started on that Saturday evening when I was having meal with my BFF which I suspected the culprit to be the road side meehun I had that morning itself. It sorta brought down my hype awaiting to get an electric shock from the zombies in Sunway Lagoon Night of Fright. It is my first Halloween program by far and shit like this happened. Anyhow, I did manage to bear with the illness and kicked some arses. We went into several ghost houses and photos with the zombies. Finally, I got to put on my devil hair band prop for Halloween. Been waiting like forever to put it on.

There is this funny thing happened before our eyes when we were in one of the ghost house. Let me get it started. This group of teenagers with 2 girls, 1 straight guy & a feminine gay were the lead in front of us and their reaction upon each sudden approach by the zombies got us laughing my ass off especially when the feminine gay won't stop yelling & jumping like he got his derriere molested. So we decided to do something naughty to frighten this pity little guy, we made a sudden scream and he jumped up yelling 'WHAT!! WHAT!!'. We burst out laughing till we couldn't walk straight. I know right, we were that terrible. But hey, who cares?!

Let's go through some of the photos I took from that night.



I got a mugshot with THE PUMPKIN!! Yeah. It's my first Halloween, by the way. Hence, that overrated excitement with devil pumpkin.





Yoh, I'll be coming back to you for sure. You better watch out. You better be!!

How's your Halloween peeps?. Hope you had an unforgettable one though.

Love Anne XOXO

Monday, November 3, 2014

Munching Here & There

Great day folks.

I think that food is a better model than human as you don't need to ask them to smile in such a way that makes them look fabulous or pose to impress so that people will grant them a 'Like'. That pretty much explains why my site has more eatery photos than myself. I can just stand aside and let the food take its pride. Don't you think so too?

That one cloudy Sunday morning, I was all elated with the beautiful weather & anticipated for a wonderful breakfast feast. With that said, I had two separate breakfast, Chinese style followed with a Western hearty one.
Bopped on down to Sri Hartamas in search of this currently hot in everybody's talk when it comes to 'what to eat' topic. Now, here I am @BreadFruit. It's full house but luckily we didn't wait for long to be seated.

My kind of breakfast.

Wholesome Spanish Baked Eggs
Homemade baked beans, egg, pork bacon, arugula & toasted ciabatta.

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter
Smoked salmon, scramble egg, avocado & cherry tomato salad, lemon, arugula & sourdough.

Instead of choosing 1 beverage, I can have both coffee & fruit juices at the same time. Got myself a Wake Up Juice-concoction of strawberry, banana & orange. And then the complimentary black coffee & pure orange juice together from the breakfast combo. Best of both worlds.

And then I hopped on to US for a taste of authentic New York Pizza like a typical American.


Ironically I missed out the photos of pizza. Instead, I have fries. Kill me. I love the pizzas, or I should say I love pizzas. Deffo come back for more. Just in case you didn't know, it tasted better to eat with hands. Seriously. Forget about getting your hands dirty, pick it up & give it a good bite.

Ordered a surfin pizza @ Jibby & Co. which blow my mind away with its fresh muscles, shrimps & squids. Awesome. You hardly get fresh seafood ingredients when comes to pizza and yet they are so generous to top with so many pieces of marine creatures. Oh nom nom.

Before I end this post, let's get adored.

Hop Hop Cafe 12N
Get what I mean... Cute~~~ FLUFFY!! I'm rolling on my body. Look at it, ears down looking so innocent I wish I could bring this cutie pie home. Pretty please.

Hop Hop Cafe 13N

Dashing off now. Hope you have a good read.

Love Anne XOXO

Monday, October 13, 2014

Musics & Feelings Are In One

Lately, I've gotten so into slow rhythm & sad songs. I try to get the meaning of the lyrics by just listening, not by reading. Interpret them, understand them, imagine them on real life & reflect them on myself. I ain't feeling good. In another word, I'm sad. People used to say, when one is at low, he/she will choose to blend into sad songs. That's pretty true though.

Jay Chou song is all over me now. He's like the prince of love. He makes good musics and I love his love songs most. Can you tell if a person who makes good love song has unforgettable experiences in relationship? Or a person like this is too emotional even when it's someone else love griefs? The song lyric 明明就 got me lingering if its true for what is happening now in me & the rhythm of  愛你沒差is looping in my head crying the pain out from my heart. It sounded so dramatic, no, it is indeed that dramatic.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have It My Way

Speaking of holidays, I couldn't be happier than waking up to a beautiful breakfast and then hop back on my comfy bed till middle of noon then turn on my lappie watching dramas like nobody else business. Forget about vacations or short getaways in the meantime, they are way too energy draining my body just can't afford such activities. By the way, following were the yet-to-unveil photos of my past trips (wish that I can still have that energy to do so).

Simply wrapped myself up with a scarf to refrain my just-awaken-body shivering from the cold wind. I was just 80% conscious, you can tell from my puffy eyes. Anyhow, breakfast was good.

And then I drove down to Malacca myself for the first time in the late night to make a visit to my grandma together with mum. It's quite a pleasant journey when there's no glaring sunlight bothering my sight throughout the way.
Took a little stroll down to Jonker Street like a tourist visiting all the antique shops & museums. I don't usually visit Jonker Street unless there's guest. I can be a gracious host. :)




Dropped by this cafe which I don't remember its name. Funny huh?. Yea, I'm that forgetful. Anyhow, I was intrigued by its ambiance whereby you can get coffee with professional stains. I have many antique furniture & deco all around me.

I must say that I love this lamp most I wish that I could bring them home.


Black Seseme ❦ Poppy Seed ❦ Latte ❦ Cappuccino

The desserts were a little too dry for my liking.

Had a lunch/tea session with the BFF @ Good Friend cafe which is my current favourite spot for breakfast & tea. Cause it's nearby? Perhaps so.


#mugshots of us with our food. #girlsbeinggirls


Good Friends Cafe 8
Hi Tea set. Best table talk time for girls. It's quite filling for two pax unless you come with an empty stomach (I mean no lunch). I love scones. They have such an amazing scones I must say. The jam provided has fruit pulps in it. Felt so pure like the apple has just squashed for serving purpose.

That's all for today's diary. Hope to be back soon with some updates.

Love Anne XOXO♥(̆̃̃ღ

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hi T(talk)E(eat)A(affair) | Tokyo Pastry

Great day peeps.

Posting backdated photos cause I didn't wanna waste such beautiful pictures hiding in my folder. They all went categorized as old photos due to the fact that I don't have the time to reveal it. OK, now that I've come clean. Back to the point, so on that gloomy afternoon, the BFF and I got down to Damansara to have that little chit chat with some desserts to nibble on. Unexpectedly, Tokyo Pastry is quite a small patisseries cafe but the interior was extraordinarily fine with antique pieces. I don't know why I fond over ancient stuffs especially those medieval European kind.

Take a look at the wall paper print & that gigantic wall clock hanging right in the middle of the wall.


These cute little sweet pies I just can't take my eyes off.

Our Hi Tea set in layers. Tea for me & coffee for her.




To be frank, the pastries & desserts offered ain't nothing to be shouted about. They were just mere. I think we enjoyed the chat & read more under such an exquisite ambiance while it was pouring heavily outside and we got no where to escape.


Had a good read of Louis Vuitton Histoire(s) book, A JOURNEY THROUGH STORIES OF A LIFETIME, while sipping my cup of earl grey tea. It can be quite addictive when stories come with fashion. Believe me, if you're a fashion lover like me, you'll fall in love with this book.

Hope you had a good read & sing your holiday with joy before weekdays come.

Love Anne XOXO♥(̆̃̃ღ