Monday, July 21, 2014

BFF MakeUp Party | BCL

Hello readers.

I didn't realize since when I started to hang out so frequent with my BFF that we had so much interests and topics in common we just can't help sticking to each other. And the week earlier, I decided to invite her to join me for a BFF makeup party held by Beauty Creative Lab aka BCL @ Mandom office. We were so anticipated that we had a girls evening over my crib the day before to pick dresses to match the party theme which is Blue. Laying on the bed watching Clicknetwork Tried & Tested clips by Shu An and chat our evening away till the clock hit midnight. #girls


Let me have a little talk about BCL.

BCL introduces appealing ranges of beauty products appropriate for young & confident girls who wanna look good and stand out. They proudly holds the mantra "Where beauty & passion come to live."

Featuring ranges:

❦ Makemania Data - To stimulate women’s makeup soul.

❦ BrowLash Ex - eye makeup perfect for beginners

❦ Tsururi - skincare range that targets the problem of 'pores'



That treasure box my gosh.

Before our makeover. Let me take a #selfie

My face was quite bare that I only have concealer & face powder on. Pinch that gurl next to me who has her makeup on from home.


We were given a number of BCL's latest yet to be launched precious makeup tools to try on. But before that, be a good a girl and focus on what Hiroki-san (the professional makeup artiste) trying to
demonstrate to us, Cool Beauty & Japanese Dool look.



Now it's our turn to try out.

That awkward and blushing moment when Hiroki-san kneel down to do my makeup. I felt so grateful to have such skillful touch on my eye-do.



Here goes Hiroki-san's masterpiece.

Left half look is representing Cool Beauty that exude that defined & mature feel.
Tips: Sharp eyebeow, Black eyeliner & curl mascara

Right half look is representing Japanese Idol supernatural look a guy would die for.
Tips: Soft eyebrow, brown eyeliner, volume mascara

My favourite pick, the Brow Lash mascara. Don't you love it by just seeing the love shape prints all over and it's pink.

We're done. Let me take a loads #selfie again. Acting #kawaii

Defo have to take picture with this incredible Hiroki-san. I love how polite and affable he is in person that he's so patient with us girls for our unprofessional makeup skills. #heischarming


OK, it's #GIRLTIME biatch.



Polaroid photos for us to bring home. *hearts

Special thanks to Manoah & BCL for such a great party. My BFF and I had a great time and we can't wait for more.

Do check out BCL sites
BCL Facebook Page
BCL Japan

Hope you have a good read. Till my next entry. Take care.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Girls Talk @ Fahrenheit 600

Good day folks.

This time round, we set our beauty appointment a little too early in the morning but who cares, early bird gets worms. We had the rest of the day all by ourselves right after getting our delicate skin detoxified.

We did selfie again while waiting for my beautician whom was late. I find it funny that the both of us haven't been applying makeup for a very long time since we started skin peeling sesh at Beute & Vie but we buey paiseh to take photos *face palm*. le BFF kept complaining for she felt so naked without her eye brow done and I just won't stop giggling at her.

By the time we're done, both were famished and we decided to head down to Publika for brunch. Initial plan was to get a seat at The Red Beanbag, but it's full house and we thought that why waiting if there's so many cafes around. Thus, we got down to Fahrenheit 600 which is just directly a floor down from The Red Beanbag. Not a bad choice actually. Girls, they have hunks as their waiters.

This restaurant is owned by 2 Iranians & a Polish and they got their interior setting just like US coffee shop.


Love my long curly locks although it's a little bit messy. I can't imagine myself with short hair again. But wait, when was the last time I had short hair?!

Double cups Double loves. #cappuccino for me #latte for her

There was this awkward moment whereby upon ordering, le BFF said I Love New York and I followed by saying I Love California. The waiter smiled, because the breakfast sets named after US states, that's why. Our American big breakfast sets were scrumptious with toasts & eggs except that chicken sausage that was less tender to my like.

We sat till 3pm chit chatting, watching Jinny Boy's videos & magazines. Thinking back, I rarely have this kinda hangout with female friends whereby we do silly things together, we check out new stores & we are so into nail stuffs. There's gonna be more & more I hope. But one thing I know is, I'm so gonna be broke. Haha.

That's all for today. Adieu~

Love Anne XOXO

Would you expect your groom to do such surprises?

Just so I came across a video clip in Facebook, it got me hooked up by all the cute & funny things a groom would do for his bride on her big day. I can't stop laughing and repeating the videos again & again. Check this out. 

Enjoy your weekend.

With Love

Friday, July 11, 2014

I Don't Deserve It

How a week had passed just like that. Again it's Friday. I am profoundly unhappy throughout the week, as a matter of fact. Too much pressures, too much confusions & too much commotions. I'm on the verge of tearing apart. Screaming my lungs out I just wanna quit. I mean it seriously. Every morning I pervaded by fecklessness, reluctantly start the car engine to where I supposed to report myself at. That kinda feeling is like soaking self up in a big pool of shit I would suicide.

It's clearly that I'm pretty much a grumpy one here recently. I sighed a lot and I started cursing just cause everyone is picking on me. Whether or not, I have to be the only one, you heard me, the ONLY ONE in the whole wide universe to be picked on. Maybe it's some sort of pleasure to a few of them for doing so, what a demented mortals. Or I might be the one they felt threaten to their bird brains, then I would be flattered.

Whatever it is, I just wanted a night I can ease myself a little (by ranting). The rest of the shit, I'll deal with it later or next time.

Turning in now. Sweet dreams readers.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breakfast & Coffee

Just so I'm that sorta freak who wakes up @#$%^& early in the morning literally everyday albeit I'm not clocking in to work (can't believe the change in me huh), I can't help but to serve my tummy something hearty, big & meaty. I would go all out hunting down some of those restaurants that serve breakfast, when I talk about breakfast, I mean those real breakfast, and roasted cup of coffee.

I love toasts, bacon, mushrooms, poach eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, cheese, pancakes & maple syrup for my breakfast. And it can't be completed without sipping that nicely brewed coffee. It sort of like giving me that wake up call.

Headed to Mr. & Mrs Cafe to find that it wasn't a very good choice as we needed to wait long enough before we could be seated. Well, I have that impatient characteristic if you didn't know. Nevermind, I got to play around with their props while waiting the food to be served.

The breakfast there was just mere considering the price. I did have a good pancake but not the cereals & fruit dices.

Found a new place of love in the heart of Subang called Good Friends. I love how it named its restaurant and made me feel like it has so much loves in it.
Perfectly done omelet, thyme seasoned mushrooms, whole meal toasts & flavor-fully dressed fresh salads. I couldn't get enough of the omelet. The mochacinno was my first try. I didn't knew what was it until I google searched. Knowledge for sharing, mochacinno is cappuccino made with a blend of chocolate. It has that sorta rough texture and every sip tasted strong enough to my like.

Starbucks 5N
Thank god that 24hrs drive-thru Starbucks outlet is just a few miles away from where I live. The best thing about it is, they serve savory meals instead of just pastries & cakes. For me, the lasagna is fine, but not the rest of the pastas. 

What a good way to kick start my day.

That's all for today. Ciao..

Love Anne XOXO

Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Saturday

Hello blog & hello peeps. I'm loving my blog like mad recently cause I find that this is the place I get to pen down all my feelings out comfortably cause I have so much thoughts but I don't always have someone to talk to. And the best part is, I made time for myself to do so. I'm off on a beautiful Saturday, hurray.

By the way, Morning world!!!

Updated with happy faces. :)
gif maker at

Love Anne XOXO

Friday, July 4, 2014

Over The Weekend

Seriously, giving a title for an entry without a particular happening is quite a pain in ass. I could have just sprawl all my thoughts in the content box but it just doesn't feel right to go without a title. Don't you agree?

If you noticed, there are times when I'm so actively updating this site with all my bits & bobs but after awhile, I went missing. Throughout the year, my journey is struck with uncertainties and I can't plan my days ahead because none of the days are routinely spent. My lifestyle is a little imbalance or rather inadequate. So I started to tell myself, try to be conscious on the time I spend in workplace and make sure I'm doing my part, not 'charity'. Since then, I allocated more time for myself and I looked into more of my thoughts and how to resolve some of the predicaments I have long dragged. At the same time ensconce myself in a more comfortable way at home.

Few weeks back, I made myself available for weekends. I wanted a laid back rest day but ironically I was all booked with beauty appointments. Of course, it wasn't something bad, but the amount of time took and traveling distance can be quite exhausting. I'm that weak & fragile I know. Anyhow, I did had a good weekend that I grudged on Sunday night cause Monday is approaching. 

Had a little shopping spree @ cause I wanna use up the cash voucher I got it as a token from my sponsored review payoff. Shopping gets a little too fun to begin with if you're shopping without involving a single dime I swear. I literally spent 5 hours browsing through the accessory section yet I still can't make my decision on which items into the cart. Nevertheless, I'm contented by just browsing through over hours only to make up my mind the next day. #girlsbeinggirls

Zalora 3N

Zalora 6N
I took the risk by getting my hands on statement neckless which I never once owned. I was quite skeptical in the first place cause I didn't knew whether could I pull it off together with the outfits in my wardrobe. Surprisingly, it added on the extra zest in my dressing and I'm loving it.

Last Saturday, just cause I'm bored mingling around in the mall after my IPL session, I tend to do something silly; something that I haven't done in a very long time. Selfie in the washroom. I mean like, this sorta thing was what I would have done in my teenage years. I'm sucks in selfie trust me. Nonetheless, I started to selfie again after getting along with the girls. I think that I would prefer groupfie over selfie cause it's not fun taking a picture that has only my face on it. 

Sri Hartamas 8NNNN
Was on a casual easygoing look. A white top paired with denim pants, a recyclable bag & a cap and I'm good to go.

This new love that has just got its spotlight in my collection. To be frank, I have yet to open it up simply because the wrapping is too pretty. 

Shop shop shop. I don't used to shop in the past, but once I find that I can financially support myself, this kinda therapy turn out to be more appealing to me. That's not a very good hobby I know. But one thing I realize about myself is the fact that I would splurge if I wasn't in a very good mood. I would told myself that, it's alright, I'm tired of being treated like this & like that, I wanna treat myself something. There goes the purchasing spirit. Scary me. Haha.

Hey, it's Friday, TGIF. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Till my next entry. Pen off.


Love Anne XOXO

Monday, June 30, 2014

Tú Amor

Yeap, tú, amor. It means 'your love' in Spanish. No, it's not about relationship love I'm about to spill right here. Just so sudden that the BFF and I were on our way to our beauty appointment in Sri Hartamas on a Sunday noon, Lite FM played this song from the 90's, Tu Amor, by RBD. The rhythm caught me by romance although I didn't understand what does tu amor meant. Quickly the BFF searched the song through Shazam app and there I went downloading it.

We were having so much fun and talk like we usually do whenever we're in the car together like we're sisters. Sometimes, I tend to slow down a little cause I knew that we won't stop crapping once we started. Laughing our ass off till we roll happy tears; talk all our problems cause we know that we can trust each other; we dyed each other hair; we hold hands together when we shop. I'm feeling so blessed to have such a BFF who's so nearby to me.

San Ferri 5N
That scorching afternoon, we bopped down to the cottage cafe few lots next our beauty center right after our pampering sesh for tea time. San Terri got this scrumptious sandwiches (but not every time you get fresh veges in your sandwich) in their menu and we get the final say for its dressings.

We'll have that little talk before our coffees ran out. And we tend to do stupid things together. I have to say it's been awhile I didn't do selfie and I'm pretty amateur in doing so. Oh well, we just turned our front camera on and started selfie like nobody else business. 


Haha. Never felt so young for a very long time already. We made a lot of stupid faces. By the way, I was having a bad hair day so I just hide it under a cap which I don't usually do (probably it's because I just got a pretty cool cap).

There you go, the Spanish touched song I was mentioning. Hope you will love it as much as I do.

Till my next entry. Take care. :)

With regards,
Anne Lee

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Behind The Mist

Everything that happened in the recent couple of months back got me realizes so many things. Even the pettifogging lapses that have long deceiving me silently went aggravated. Before I got to know how severe it would caused, I found a deep cut right through my heart & dignity. It's way too subjective to conclude whether is it too late to get things right back on track. I'm a lil' lost.


I always think that I'm a smart girl and I can carry myself well enough. Still, I do think that way until now, nevertheless. The reason for my vacillation is because my will was debilitated by listening to my heart. Undeniably, our heart always speaks the true side our soul and our mind speaks for the righteousness. I followed my heart, I forgotten the virtues or I should say I chose to neglect them. I went out of control. LOVE is a big word. And it's uncontrollable because the feeling comes and goes without our consent. That moment can be quite romantic & you tend to give your everything whether is right or wrong because you're blinded by its nature. The second right after you committed, you find that you don't feel the same way anymore. You can say nothing, you can do nothing. You're all locked up and pervaded with guiltiness yet that very painful sense of regret won't stop hurting.


I'm greatful that there's a boundary, a boundary that I wished it never exists. It leads me back to where I supposed to be. All that I knew was, time can change everything if you just follow the flow. I can foresee that in the next coming 10 years, I'll laugh at myself for being a ridiculous dumbass girl whom was swayed by such frivolous matter. But I won't put the blame on myself, I was just a young girl trying to find her way through. That's part & parcel of life.

Anyway, June is coming to an end, may July be good to us. Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Love Anne XOXO

Saturday, June 28, 2014

An Awe Stay

Good day peeps.

Everyone can tell that the weather recently is helluva scorching, and it's like dog days when haze happen to hit the city again. I can't help but to set my room air-conditioning to 19°C and let a lone the blanket. It's pretty unusual that I don't want my blanket to wrap around me but this time the heat is a little bit extreme for me. Or I should say, lately everything has been too taxing for me that I had 360 degree change. Speaking about this, I'm dying for getaway and I miss my short vacation back in April.

The riveting walk along the pond in the garden surrounded by fern-growth ancient cottage and coffee by the balcony with all the loves, I knew that I wanted to prolong this stay so badly if everything went well. You know the reality can't be that perfect to be true.

The passage along the rooms had its wall hung with loads of photos portraying all the happenings in this colonial building starting from the pre war era. The passage was a little eerie because the building was very old and it was dimly lighted from the Victoria-like chandeliers & lamps. My room was by the right hand side from the entrance.


We're lucky that there wasn't many guests and we got to loiter and make use of almost all of its utilities. We spent our time by this lounge till the clock hit 12 midnight and took a walk outside which unexpectedly freezes our ass off. I love that moment by the way.



Sat by the balcony having tea and we weren't bothered by the sun shine directly on our skin. All we had is the time by ourselves. We did brought some of our own food & bakeries to munch on cause my family do practice tea time everyday.

Many of you may prefer to go all out touring & sightseeing but for me, I prefer a stay cation mainly because I wanted a relaxing stay instead of an adventurous trip. Therefore, I would fork out that hard earn money for a more comfortable stay instead of just a place to pass my night.

Before I end my entry, here's a song I wanted to share with you guys on this beautiful Saturday night.

Till my next entry. Take care.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Year Wiser


Gosh, time passes really fast and I'm kinda shy to announce that I'm 23rd already. Can you imagine how will I react when I'm 50? That's a female thing cause we girls are superbly conscious of our age. I mean like come on, youth means everything to us. From the energy, craziness & radiant inside out we feel like the world is just under our feet.

This year is quite catchy to me. I've gotten almost everything I wished for when I was a student a year back but what comes along is the unexpected tragedies that hit me down. They hold me back grudging until today and it's pretty painful to me. I must say that teenagers have their problems but as compared to the grown ups, the latter's issues can be quite essential in the sense that the impact is much greater. I considered myself a grown up ever since I officially stepped into the era of employment. I've quit whining for quite sometimes cause I thought that I'm capable to handle my shortcomings & predicaments. And by doing so, no one will think that I'm weak in carrying my own self. The fact is, I broke into tears of river.

Choices in life are the scarcity component we all pray that it could be a little more manageable for us. Forget about it, it'll never happen. All you have to do is be the universal one whom is competent enough to adjust self to everything that comes unforeseen. If it's a beautiful surprise, lucky you. If it's the other way round, I wish you luck. But we all get both, just at a different ratio. Often imbalance.

Just cause last month is the month of my birthday, I got the liberty to have that little merriment on top of commotions. My girls, I'm glad that we still hang around after knowing each other for 10 years and still counting on. It's pretty hard to keep that relationship when we started to move on our respective path. Therefore, I consider this a blessing.

You girls rock. We had heart to heart talk and I realized that after so long we been apart, you girls are still by my side supporting me at my very low. I think that's why we can still click along. I felt so bad for not expecting such warmth were coming from them.

Not long after that, I found myself standing on the chair giving speeches in front of the crowd for how I feel & what I want to express as the birthday girl. The Bubba Gum crew won't let me reach my cupcakes if I don't move my body with them. No, I'm not gonna waste my girls effort for sneaking in the cakes, so I shamelessly danced with them on the chair. The whole scene was recorded but I'm only gonna share the less shy part of the scene.



Back in the past, I never had so many birthday celebrations in a row before. This year is a total different one. But don't forget, everything has its price to pay. Everything happened for a reason. God just wanna be fair.

And then I have this personalized birthday arrangement by le Dude at somewhere simple cause all we wanted it to be was special by its celebration not special by the restaurant. Cake was replaced by pyramid-stacked durian puff which I love eating so so much.

Add on a dessert cause the restaurant owner happened to be the friend of le Dude and he thoughtfully treat us a lava cake with durian ice cream as he realized that I love durian so freaking damn much that my puff-cake was all about durian.

Speaking of celebrations, if there isn't someone who cares for our existence, there will be no celebration at all. Went on a fine dining by courtesy of my only brother and we had one of the best chicken entree ever. We had quite a talk with sips of Sauvignon Blanc wine before we realized that we got a little tipsy and its time to hunt for some caffeine together with my BFF that couldn't wait to present me a surprise. She got me screaming when I opened up the wrapper to a Naked palatte by Urban Decay.


Apart from my own shopping haul of May, I have these beautiful people sending me their loves for my birthday even if it takes to mail me through courier. You peeps know who you are and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate every little things you've done not just the presents you peeps have for me. I am going through such a an unpleasant moment, and if it wasn't your supports & concerns, I wouldn't make it until today. I can still remember the hug my BFF gave me before dropping me home hoping that I'll be fine. I love you so much.

Sigh, yet another Sunday night getting so close to Monday. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends.

Till my next entry. Take care.

Love Anne XOXO