Saturday, April 18, 2015

Worthy Deals @ Worthy Book Ladies Edition


Holly. It's been long since I'm away. How ya all?

There's been many things going on lately and they are the reasons behind for my disappearance. Anyhow, let's talk about it other time. Well, I just wanted to share something great here that I've been using, which is this Worthy Book. So, I got this Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014-2015 that has everything a girl wants to have at a good bargain. From shopping to beauty to fashion to sport health and wellness. What a female heaven, drooling huh?.


It takes me quite awhile to blog this out as I wanted to utilize most of the stuff this book has to offer. Let me take you to tour my journey with Worthy Book.


I checked on this cash voucher from The Body Shop and was pretty happy to sign myself up to their online shopping site. Spotted this clay mask sheet and decided to just add it into my cart.


It arrived to my door step a day after my purchased. How efficient it is. *Thumbs up*


Next up, my intimate journey with Bubble Gum Wax. How great it is that I brought my BFF to join me for a free underarm and half leg waxing. I've been with Bubble Gum Wax for quite sometimes already and I really love their service to be frank. Of all the waxing and IPL experiences I had, this is best. How I define best? Well, their beauticians are very affable, plus, upon the process, they are very professional and gentle. From time to time, they try to calm you down by having the right conversation to keep your attention away from the mild pain at the same time cheering you up (To be frank, I'm a waxing freak and I don't feel pain at all). 


Sri Hartamas 1N

I do sign up for their IPL packages because they are very worthy and not to mention they have the best service. So why not? :)

I never like hot weather, but I love sauna. Ecoparadise has this antioxidant hotbed therapy that helps to release body statics and radicals which help your skin



This shall be the best part. OK, we got two passes for Celebrity Fitness free trial for 5 days and there goes our gym spirit. Macam yes. Yea I'm not a sport or exercise person but hell yea I'm so anticipated in this. Packed all my sport attire and and combed all my hair up in a pony tail and I'm readyyy.


Let's take a look at my 5 days gym experience with Celebrity Fitness.



Sorry to tell that I wasn't that knowledgeable when comes to exercise, all I did was follow the instruction that's written on each machine on how the mechanism works. And I'll do it for a good 10-15mins.





No joke okey, I really sweat bucket. My mind and soul were quite determine to push myself forward.


I must say they have a wonderful dressing room!! Mad love this place lo. It would be great to have all you biatches together for a makeover. :)

And then I had my sauna session about 20mins every time after work out. Extra perspiration and I'm loving that soft skin of mine after releasing those toxic sweat from my body. I feel so much better.

Right after we get ourselves groomed, let us take a selfie. :)

So how's Worthy Book sounds like to you? For me, it's a book of wonder for girls.

Head on to

Worthy Book FB        :
Worthy Book Website:

for more information or place your purchase right away.

Have fun girls. :)

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Perks of Being A Mermaid


I think most of you have seen the photos of me in Facebook being one of the fairytale characters, Ariel *smirk*. Just kidding. But yea, I did enjoyed myself being a mermaid. I took up this introductory class of mermaid hosted by one of my childhood swimming coach, Mr. Dolphin Lee, for a day. Words couldn't explain how excited I was despite being a little nervous wondering if I could swim without my legs moving freely in the water. Then those nonsense thoughts begun, I may drown (I can swim in fact), I can't open my eyes in the water, can I keep that stunning look like a mermaid or a dumbass mermaid wannabe. Then the worries go on.

Nevertheless, I still need to go on. It was fun picking the fins that matches our swim wear. I was in forest green so I snatched the green one. Well, actually all of us were in variant swim wear colors, so there's no need to fight for one. Oh, one more thing, it ain't easy to put on that fairytale fin.


We had a few rounds of practices on how to swim like a mermaid before we can officially put on the fin and swim like one, or else you'll drown. I really mean it. It's pretty difficult I must say, I almost gave up because I couldn't balance myself when I had my legs together and the fin makes it harder to flap each time I tend to make a move. But remember, practice makes perfect. I still made it though.

Let's take a look at the photos taken by Mr.Lee.


My best shot of all.

This would be my first time swimming without goggle. Damn it, it's fucking darn difficult to open my eyes in the water I swear but I couldn't understand why others can do it effortlessly even in the sea water, it's effing salt water man and how the hell they can make it?!! I tried, I made it, but I got nervous and couldn't control my breath with my eyes opened. So I can only open small small like mata sepet lo.. :)

Composed a video of my mermaid class.


Mermaids of the day featuring Dolphin Lee.

Last but not least, a photo of me practicing my mermaid kicks. Haha.

Till then. Hope you had a great weekend.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Season To Be Jolly


Christmas has just passed I know. But it's about time I upload some of the joyful photos up here. Remember those years where I spammed my site with whole lotsa yuletide entries? Haha. Things got a little (or I should say extremely) different as life goes on. I'm less 'active' in all sorta fun things already. Fuck it man.

Anyhow, let the pictures do the talking. (I started to love selfie all over again)



*Christmas gift arrived earlier on Christmas eve.

It's like oh so random the besties happened to be in town for Christmas & I just can't miss out our catch up time.







We dressed up in a preppy theme with our new kitty cat head gear we got from Subang Parade weekend stalls. Just can't help flaunting with it while we stroll the malls. It's cool to have such a friend to go cuckoo with you whenever you're bored.

In a very good mood I harvested 2 pairs of ring at once. Meh, the quality is disappointing but the designs were absolutely great I must say.

Love this shot the most. I felt so loved.

Enjoyed the last day of Christmas holiday with le Dude before getting back to the dreadful reality. Oh, so sad.

Till my next entry.. Take care and Happy New Year.

Love Anne XOXO

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Strongbow Real Finds Real

[Sponsored Post]

Strongbow, the global cider brand has hit its mark with 3 new refreshing variants last Wednesday, 12 November, namely Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey & Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower. Offering enthusiasm and freshness to the plate, these three new ciders will appear on the rack starting next month. Made from freshest apples, these top notes new variants will be enjoyed by many.

For the launch, Strongbow threw a party remarkable party @ 31 Square offering free flow of the 3 new apple cider variants for the first time to tickle our cider buds. Besides, they deliberately serve apple-made-desserts to match the idea of apple cider and loads of roasted meats & toasts. It gave me the feel of picnic by the garden, you have an apple cider on one hand laying on the blanket munching on the toast having a good chat with the people around you. That's heavenly good.



When the sun goes down, more chatters & more Strongbow apple ciders to go on.



Elizabeth Tan performed on that day, her voice is so enchanting. Great music with a great drink, what more can I ask for?



❀ Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey


Honey = Sweet. This pleasant bottle of cider delivers not only the crisp apple cider but adding on the twist of honey aroma giving that smooth concoction upon each and every sips. It comes in an outstanding bronze hue and ends with a refreshing hint of rhubarb for a fruity finish.

The first sip has its honey sweetness conquers your taste buds and the following sips smoothen with cider goodness.


Candid shot of me with the beautiful presentation of Strongbow Apple Cider Honey.


❀ Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower


The perfect match of elderflower & lime blended in the scenario of picnic whereby the whiff of flora aroma completes the drinking & catching up session. On top of that, this bottle of Apple Cider comes with the hint of Muscat and fresh litchi fruits which hits the ‘bull’s-eye’.

That ice cold aromatic glass of apple cider got me driven by the scent of flora and I really like the idea of flower together with a twist of lime giving the feel of freshness.

❀ Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold


That crystal gold clear color of Gold Apple Cider serves subtle sweet crisp apple bite that sweetened up taste bud luring the desperation for more & more.


Bold and gold. The premium taste of apple crisp lingers in my mouth after I chug down a cup of it and I'm loving it.

"Tasting Strongbow is an experience by itself; it offers the perfect first drink to start the evening as a prelude to a lovely night or simply the perfect drink for a hot sunny afternoon. At anytime it sets the stage for you to be yourself as you indulge in real conversations with great company of friends and family." said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB).

Follow by performances by the bands of honour.

Mission completed. I got my exclusive taste of all three new variants of Strongbow Apple Ciders. Now I know what to beverage to add into my party list, deffo gonna be Strongbow Apple Ciders GOLD.

For more information, log on to:


Hope you had a good read. Till my next entry, take care.

Love Anne XOXO