Monday, October 13, 2014

Musics & Feelings Are In One

Lately, I've gotten so into slow rhythm & sad songs. I try to get the meaning of the lyrics by just listening, not by reading. Interpret them, understand them, imagine them on real life & reflect them on myself. I ain't feeling good. In another word, I'm sad. People used to say, when one is at low, he/she will choose to blend into sad songs. That's pretty true though.

Jay Chou song is all over me now. He's like the prince of love. He makes good musics and I love his love songs most. Can you tell if a person who makes good love song has unforgettable experiences in relationship? Or a person like this is too emotional even when it's someone else love griefs? The song lyric 明明就 got me lingering if its true for what is happening now in me & the rhythm of  愛你沒差is looping in my head crying the pain out from my heart. It sounded so dramatic, no, it is indeed that dramatic.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have It My Way

Speaking of holidays, I couldn't be happier than waking up to a beautiful breakfast and then hop back on my comfy bed till middle of noon then turn on my lappie watching dramas like nobody else business. Forget about vacations or short getaways in the meantime, they are way too energy draining my body just can't afford such activities. By the way, following were the yet-to-unveil photos of my past trips (wish that I can still have that energy to do so).

Simply wrapped myself up with a scarf to refrain my just-awaken-body shivering from the cold wind. I was just 80% conscious, you can tell from my puffy eyes. Anyhow, breakfast was good.

And then I drove down to Malacca myself for the first time in the late night to make a visit to my grandma together with mum. It's quite a pleasant journey when there's no glaring sunlight bothering my sight throughout the way.
Took a little stroll down to Jonker Street like a tourist visiting all the antique shops & museums. I don't usually visit Jonker Street unless there's guest. I can be a gracious host. :)




Dropped by this cafe which I don't remember its name. Funny huh?. Yea, I'm that forgetful. Anyhow, I was intrigued by its ambiance whereby you can get coffee with professional stains. I have many antique furniture & deco all around me.

I must say that I love this lamp most I wish that I could bring them home.


Black Seseme ❦ Poppy Seed ❦ Latte ❦ Cappuccino

The desserts were a little too dry for my liking.

Had a lunch/tea session with the BFF @ Good Friend cafe which is my current favourite spot for breakfast & tea. Cause it's nearby? Perhaps so.


#mugshots of us with our food. #girlsbeinggirls


Good Friends Cafe 8
Hi Tea set. Best table talk time for girls. It's quite filling for two pax unless you come with an empty stomach (I mean no lunch). I love scones. They have such an amazing scones I must say. The jam provided has fruit pulps in it. Felt so pure like the apple has just squashed for serving purpose.

That's all for today's diary. Hope to be back soon with some updates.

Love Anne XOXO♥(̆̃̃ღ

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hi T(talk)E(eat)A(affair) | Tokyo Pastry

Great day peeps.

Posting backdated photos cause I didn't wanna waste such beautiful pictures hiding in my folder. They all went categorized as old photos due to the fact that I don't have the time to reveal it. OK, now that I've come clean. Back to the point, so on that gloomy afternoon, the BFF and I got down to Damansara to have that little chit chat with some desserts to nibble on. Unexpectedly, Tokyo Pastry is quite a small patisseries cafe but the interior was extraordinarily fine with antique pieces. I don't know why I fond over ancient stuffs especially those medieval European kind.

Take a look at the wall paper print & that gigantic wall clock hanging right in the middle of the wall.


These cute little sweet pies I just can't take my eyes off.

Our Hi Tea set in layers. Tea for me & coffee for her.




To be frank, the pastries & desserts offered ain't nothing to be shouted about. They were just mere. I think we enjoyed the chat & read more under such an exquisite ambiance while it was pouring heavily outside and we got no where to escape.


Had a good read of Louis Vuitton Histoire(s) book, A JOURNEY THROUGH STORIES OF A LIFETIME, while sipping my cup of earl grey tea. It can be quite addictive when stories come with fashion. Believe me, if you're a fashion lover like me, you'll fall in love with this book.

Hope you had a good read & sing your holiday with joy before weekdays come.

Love Anne XOXO♥(̆̃̃ღ

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pitch Black

Kinda miss sprawling all my thoughts & feelings here like before when I would prioritized my very minimal leisure time for my diary corner. Sad to say that right now, I do rather slumber my day away just to feel alive. Now that you can tell how harsh my work life is. I'm falling here & there. Add a little mishap left & right. Sometimes I really did wondered why am I still living, like what the eff, this is no human being things. Beastly. Brutal. And whatever shit you wanna call it.

Lately, the latent stress I've been silently letting in has gradually building up the anxiety in me and gone worsen when it is made conscious on my physical. I hate to admit the fact that, I'm utterly weak & brittle right now. I'm dying for cares, loves & supports. A mortal without a soul is like a body without antibody hopelessly permeate insecurities in destroying one inside-out ferociously till the extend whereby living is the most painful option ever.

I let go my dignity, egoism & reputation just for a hope, because I put all my heart in as I trust this is what I wanted. I was beaten down to disappointment when all I got was a word "choice-less". You've gotta be kidding me. After surviving from the frigging tornadoes, hurricane and tsunami hit, you just have to throw an apocalypse in. Like what the heck you want from me. 


You can take away my everything, but please give me a good reason. I can be that generous if I think it's worth doing so. I was compelled to changed unwillingly to become a very not-myself person. Nevertheless, I sorta love it cause I got so brave. Brave to even take that bullet if I have to.

I can wait, but do not keep me hanging aimlessly. I need to know what I should be expecting and not till I got an empty shell. My heart is now dead. I wish to be vanished.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

IsMe Beauty & Café

[Food Review]

Teas, coffees, desserts or pastries are my kinda mental therapy and I love lounging over a soothing ambient savoring every bite of that moist cheese cake & sip of tea. Together with Sharon, Kelvin & Jason, we visited IsMe Beauty & Cafe @ Jalan Walter Grenier. Never could I imagine there is such an exquisite cafe at the nook behind the alley of Lot 10. Ironically, I was late for more than an hour due to Friday evening traffic. That was outrages that I caught up in the jam for 2 hours. *rolling eyes*

With that said, I missed out some of the main courses & desserts. Well, that's okay, I tasted more than enough by the way. Before I get into the yummilicious part, here are some of the insights of IsMe Beauty & Cafe.

Coffee is delicious but do you know that it has a beauty secret? IsMe Beauty & Cafe has the idea of bringing together coffee & beauty into a one where you can get your hand on our range of beauty products to help keep your skin happy and healthy all year round, while having a sip on a fresh brewed coffee in a calm, but luxurious atmosphere space!

Let's get started.


♨ Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti

If you're darn famished, go ahead and order a course meal. Al dente spaghetti drenched in creamy mushroom sauce sprinkled with some dried seasoning. Give it a toss and go straight right into your mouth.


Cafe mocha

My cup of coffee. Smooth, thick & milky. I like it.


Chocolate Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream.

Every girl loves chocolate, my god. The richness of hot melt chocolate dressing all over the brownie & that twist of vanilla kick. That's heavenly good.


Blueberry cheesecake

Believe it or not, I finished this all by myself. Literally.

Speaking about beauty, IsMe is the first to bring in CUSCO made by Swarovski Zirconia created by the people with passion for beauty, to radiate one's beauty flawlessly and long-lasting impression.

They have this daily skin care products that are formulated with snail extract which slows down premature aging by protecting your delicate skin from harmful elements in the environment. Amethyst Snail Toner & Lotion & Snail Essence are those that allows the absorption of the snail extract into you skin and leave you with a healthy looking skin.

The lovely waitress/beauty consultant applying the latest DD cream on my hand to give me that experience of smooth & delightable texture & feeling on my skin. Say bye bye to CC cream & welcome DD cream girls. It's time to move on.


That's all for tonight. Hope you have a good read. Sugar dreams. :)

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Us @ MTV World Stage 2014

I can already feel the aches all over my body the moment I got down from my bed. No, not just because it's MTV World Stage last night, again I was all packed with work errands & personal activities. Every night I came back home with this energy-drained-off body I can't even bother to clean myself up. Can you imagine that sorta knackeredness and it's been on like this for consecutive days. All that happenings came unplanned. I'm prompted for every of that sudden invitations. Say yes. Ok, let's get real, I needed some rest.

So that Friday night I got a call from my BFF that we're going for MTV World Stage to roll as VIP. That sounded so cool cause I missed out the one in 2012 when Justin Bieber was the hottest line up but I have to give out my tix cause I wasn't available in KL. This time round, I don't wanna miss out, not forgetting I was so tired after hanging out with my boyfriend the whole day and I still save some of the energy for the evening.

When the sun goes down, I got myself ready with a midriff top and some stick on tattoos on my waist & ankle. Funny or not, the BFF & I did those tattoos in the car instead of in the washroom. It's crazy when comes to the need of water to damp the stickers.


Here we go, ready to rock the evening like VIP.

Wasn't even packed that night. The performance started with Thaitanium, Boys Republic, Yuna and lastly B.O.B which was what everyone was waiting for. Oh well, we aren't familiar with the line ups that night so we were solely on our own joy.


Some photos of Boys Republic.

Us having the time of ourselves. Had some Sailor Jerry rums. It was a very dangerous drink when we were that tired already, can easily knock off.


Sweaty!!! It's hot and that's for sure. And my flats were full with sands I can have natural scrubs on my feet. #wtf.

Overall, nothing much to scream about this year's MTV World Stage. I wish they could have more Billboard artists on stage.

That's all for today. See yea.

Love Anne XOXO

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In The Garage

Good day folk.

Like finally, I have a day off last Sunday. *hopping here & there* *screaming out of joy* *roll happy tears*. That taxing few weeks, 13 hours of work non-stop although it's Raya Holiday, I made it through. Obviously, I'm wilted. My body is currently like in the state without a soul. All that I need is a long eye shut to restore that energy to restart my overhauled-engine. At times, I do wonder, is it worth doing so, I mean like investing all my time & effort in my work just cause I'm that committed when it comes to work. Because of this commitment, time passed so fast before I could realize that year end is approaching and I have done nothing for myself but in turned I let in too much trouble to breach into my life. Argh, work-life balance, a very difficult principle to practice in life.

I love cars. I always do. I'm confident enough to claim that I'm good in driving, just a little reckless nevertheless. My passengers always complain how scary I drive, nah, I'll make sure everyone reaches safely.

The other day at AutoDetailer garage.  

Had my late night catch up @Garage 51.
Garage 10N

Garage 2NN
Had a cup of their signature Mochatella. It was an amazing cup of caffeinated drink man. I salute their creativity by making a drink out of Nutella chocolate drenched with milk & a cubes of coffee made ice.

Garage 3N

Yo!! I want my life back. I just wanna live a little.

That's all for today. Cheerios.

Love Anne XOXO

Friday, August 8, 2014

Teleport Back In Time

That Sunday morning, breakfast was good and I was all elated until I received a shocking news that my ex-classmate was involved in a dreadful accident and the most unfortunate thing was, she left us all to heaven. We were once close together when we were in high school although we have different skin colour and different races, but I lost contact with most of my classmates since graduation. Nevertheless, that doesn't excludes me from grieving for the lost of a friend. It's like a wake up call to treasure people around me before it's too late. To you my friend, rest in peace.

Something ancient, something exquisitely rustic can really catch my attention. One of my good friends did mentioned to me the wonder of this little museum and said that it's worth visiting and we shall check ourselves in someday. Before that can happen, I brought mum along so that she can reminisce her childhood or her days in the past cause after all, she's from the 50's.


The alley was narrow and every little corner was carefully stationed with antiques that it's so crowded I couldn't focus every bits. They were amazing by the way.




For the record, I love this picture most for some reasons. On a funnier note, after posting this up on Facebook, many friends of mine claimed that the scene/photo exude that kinda eerie feel. Well I think that many things that are old and under dim light, they create some sorta impression of cold & spooky. Don't you think so?


The scene I fret most is, whatever things that I'm using now will be in the museum one day. For example, look what I spotted?
But I just left UTAR a year ago. Why is it on shelf already? #wtf


Having tea by the kopitiam.

Those time.

That's all for today. Hope you enjoy the photos. Sorry if it's too spooky for some of you, rustic ma~

Love Anne XOXO