Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Orthodontic Story

Hi there.

I almost couldn't believe that I would be this happy having my teeth twisted and tighten with wire and colorful ligatures giving me such uncomfortable feeling and aches occasionally. Seriously, these tiny little metals aren't making my life any easier, but why I'm so elevated with it?..*snickers* Let me start with how I make my decision to visit my dentist.

At the age of 12, my teeth started to show signs of imperfect alignment when my adult canine tooth pierces out from my upper gum while the baby one is staying still at its position. Dad has no choice but to route me to get it removed at a nearby dental clinic right after class. That was one of my dental nightmares as you can imagine the force needed to extract a healthy strong teeth, not to even mention the pain. Alright, since it's removed, I thought it was a relief until I realized two of my central incisors are moving slightly outwards and the lateral incisors moving inwards. Worse still, that canine didn't came down but remain high up and slanted in my upper gums. That was when I knew that I can never smile with confident anymore.

God knows why the crookedness got even serious years after years and disaster happened when my upper wisdom teeth trying hard to find their ways out. My right front incisor was forced out in a twisted way until I couldn't close my mouth completely. Self-confident level drastically dropped till I never take photo with an open smile. You can tell from all the past photos I've uploaded in the past.

No, I wasn't brave enough to do the major change mainly because I'm too afraid of the procedure. Thinking of having 4 of my teeth removed already got me goosebumps. So I told myself, okay just let it be. Then miracle happened, my courage was triggered the day I met up my coursemates for a gathering to find that two of them have just started orthodontics procedure, I don't see the fear in their eyes and one of them told me that, she just wanna see how she'll look like with tidily aligned teeth and that will last forever. Ok, I decided that I wanted to go through the procedure as well. This is sorta like peer influence and support. So, spontaneously the next day after I got home from the gathering, I asked my mum to accompany me to the dentist to get it started. So that's how I finally found my courage to make a change.

(Yes, my lower wisdom teeth are 180° horizontally align)

The procedure didn't start with an ease of mind. After my jaw bone structure was diagnosed, it turned out to be a very saddening news from the dentist. My lateral incisors were in a very terrible condition, decayed resulting from the crookedness that lasted for years. I was given two options whether to extract the pair of first premolars like a normal procedure and get root canal extractions & crowning after which costs another few more thousands per lateral incisor OR remove the lateral incisors, left only the front incisor and get the canine polished/reshape like a pair of incisors. I got really down and dilemma. My dentist let me home to make my mind up before proceeding. Main concern was that I cannot accept the fact that I'll be left with only two teeth in the front and it's gonna last for maybe a year until the gaps are closed. I'll look like a clown to the public. Had a lot of discussion with my mum and decided to go with the first option.

Depression, was what conquered me for the whole week during my recovery from tooth extraction until I finally get to stick on that tiny little metals on my teeth. Hooray!!

I got super freaking damn excited that I keep taking pictures of my teeth. The above photo was when the brackets are up without the soft wire yet.

Everyone probably heard of how painful it is during the first few days. Indeed it was painful, but not till that extend I expected so I'm pretty well with it. No solid food for the first 5days. And yea, I'm quite that kind who picks what I can and what can't eat. So, it didn't hurt me too much. However, the scratching part of the brackets hurt till the max, I got my inner mouth skin torn in many areas for more than a month because my dentist ran out of braces wax. OMG, that was a disaster. 

I got this braces wax only after 1 and a half month installing that brackets, and this little things really came to rescue. After that, I'm cool without it.

I keep my mask with me most of the time like this for the first few months. In the beginning, mask came into the frame is because I look like an idiot with only 2 front teeth & W/O braces, then I got so used to covering with mask all the time until I didn't know when to remove it even after brackets.

Days after days, I'm getting used to it, finally get the confidence back, I speak and smile happily with my missing teeth. I feel that braces add on extra bliss to my smile especially when I can play with color ligatures.



I took photos every month after my appointment to see the results of the movement and each appointment makes me happy knowing that I'm getting closer to a nicely aligned teeth.


By the way, eating outside can be nasty sometimes because all the pieces of food stuck and tangle all over my braces looking like an idiot when I wanna talk. And I'm quite conscious with it whenever they stuck. So I can't help heading to the basin every time after meal to get them wash up, you'll be surprise with the amount of junks you spit out after gargling, and it's pretty disgusting,

Well, that's all for my sharing today, I still have a long way to go, will update about it again when it's time. Teehee.

So have a great weekend ahead.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Good Start

Dear diary,

I've skipped reading for quite an extended time. No new inputs, no new ideas. My general knowledge level is stagnant as I didn't even keep track with global news, worst of all, not even the latest domestic drama in my own country. Living in my own world can be quite a comfortable life while I've a protective shelter from my family against the horrible threats.

Everyday routine can be bored, but it's a least dramatic way, just to keep my mind at ease. Just months ago, I got fed up balling myself up with frustration and all the unwanted thoughts, so I start up a new life, in a healthier way. A bonus for me to keep myself occupied at the same time shaping myself up to be better. Maybe you'll wonder, what hit me into this change. Well, the answer is abs. Of all sudden, a girl with that sport bralet showing off that feminine muscular line on her abs is so sexy. So that's basically where the motivation came into my way. Oh and yea, I'm quite determined and persistent for the first time in my life I would say. I started with basic sit-ups and plank to activate my innate muscle cells to slowly find that I love the post work out sore on my muscle and sweaty skin which results my with supple skin. And then I go deeper and serious with working out by doing my research on the effective ways to achieve that sought after body. The focus goes further from abs to thighs, and my fore limbs.


I realized that if I would to conduct my work out in and ONLY in a proper gym with all the facilities, I would have given up easily because ain't nobody have the time to travel up and down through the traffic in the middle of the city. So I decided to pick up baby steps of working out in the comfort from home. With that said, I have no any other better reason to skip. A mission that's possible anytime and anywhere. Thus, no excuses. The feel of contentment blossoms when that semi-visible lines on my abs started to say 'hi' when I reflect myself into the mirror. I clearly know that's just the beginning, not something be shown off yet, and it will soon fade off if I pause my regime. Not a very stable stage.

I took every chances to work out when I found the existence of gym in places I planned to visit. Soon enough, I was introduced to a gym ran by my seniors from high school less than a kilometer away from where I live. Now that I have options, at times when I've the energy and spirit, I'll head out to work out in gym because it's a lot more intensive and my personal trainer is quite strict insisting us to finish all steps before we can leave. Speaking of 'us' and 'we', I've my best gym mate aka BFF to work our ass off together. At times I work out in my room on a lazy day.


That's not all, I've totally eliminated my owl life. Heading to bed before 12am is a must or I'll suffer from sleep deprivation the next day in office. If I'm not dated, I'll just hit the sack after working out at about 10am or earlier. But before reaching slumber land, I'll consume beauty essences like prune essence and collagen drinks. I started this out in a daily consumption routine for about a month and then carry on with daily interval. I must say these beauty essences are doing me great, I can feel my skin getting plumper because of the firmness. I'm trying to embrace the phrase that beauty comes from within so I'll start from diet, a healthier life. Please don't get me wrong, I'm never on a diet to get slim.

Well, I think that's all for today.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, May 31, 2015

ATV Jungle Trekking @ Cahaya SPK

The lost of interest in writing can somehow relate to the change in my life. I'm here trying hard to find the reason for this change, can it be that my days have gone less meaningful (to myself) despite all the cool activities I'm participating, can it be that there's this living bone in me went missing, or can it be that I just wanna keep those memories to myself. I've no answer to myself, all that I know is, there's these photos hidden in my folder for a very long time and I have this thought to post them here.

For today's post, I decided to pick this folder of photos that captured my utmost challenging adventure with my BFF at Mudtrekkerz Paintball Park for a jungle trekking with an uber cool ride, ATV. Ok, it's cool by its look, but it's too challenging, for me only. Why I said so, let me begin.

Let me take a selfie before I get this started, after all, we're early that morning.



They also have this super cool paintball battlefield for those paintball lovers to rent. I'm not quite sure about the details, but I saw comers bringing their personal paintball guns and protection suit, so I advise you to get sufficient details from the owner before booking. 

Now this is my shot. Vroom vroom.

Ok, I failed in riding this god damn junk to the training ground. I lost control on a straight track and hit a tree. Yea, you didn't got it wrong, it's a straight track. We had a few rounds of training on the training ground before we hit the jungle.


She got her ride pretty well in control throughout the journey, whereas, me.........

I fell off from the track into the slanted piece of ground. I was luck that I didn't flung out. So the guiders helped me out in pulling up my ride. Not just this, I kept get stuck at an angle not being able to move anymore and then again and again the guiders have to help me out, I bet they were fed up on me. T.T

And then the worst part happened, my ride slipped and I got flung out onto the mud. My ride almost overturned and fall onto the me which was laying on the muddy ground.

Yes, the mud stained all over me, my butt was hurt and bruises on my legs. I got frighten and wondered should I continue, my palms were hurt by holding the steering grip hard enough to control the ride which were being against by the bumpy road. I switched to a smaller ATV and continued. I wasn't that convinced and with much worries, I painstakingly complete the whole journey. Feeling like, ahhhhhhh.... finally. What a shame. I can't believe the fact that I can handle a car so well but why not this ATV?

This is somewhat a very challenging activity for an indoor girl like me, trust me, it ain't easy. I don't really enjoy it but I love the experience. Ok, it's time to get clean and go for a brunch. We randomly walked in Crave Cafe to settle our famishing stomach.


It's incredible that Crave Cafe has a very spacious interior nicely decorated in a very comfy design. Many table games provided to kill time and so we took the doodle board to scribble our friendship.



Friends forever. :)


And we decided to display our friendship on the rack before we left the cafe. Teehee.

The last picture has pretty much sums up my adventurous day with ATV experience. Till my next entry.


Love Anne


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Worthy Deals @ Worthy Book Ladies Edition


Holly. It's been long since I'm away. How ya all?

There's been many things going on lately and they are the reasons behind for my disappearance. Anyhow, let's talk about it other time. Well, I just wanted to share something great here that I've been using, which is this Worthy Book. So, I got this Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014-2015 that has everything a girl wants to have at a good bargain. From shopping to beauty to fashion to sport health and wellness. What a female heaven, drooling huh?.


It takes me quite awhile to blog this out as I wanted to utilize most of the stuff this book has to offer. Let me take you to tour my journey with Worthy Book.


I checked on this cash voucher from The Body Shop and was pretty happy to sign myself up to their online shopping site. Spotted this clay mask sheet and decided to just add it into my cart.


It arrived to my door step a day after my purchased. How efficient it is. *Thumbs up*


Next up, my intimate journey with Bubble Gum Wax. How great it is that I brought my BFF to join me for a free underarm and half leg waxing. I've been with Bubble Gum Wax for quite sometimes already and I really love their service to be frank. Of all the waxing and IPL experiences I had, this is best. How I define best? Well, their beauticians are very affable, plus, upon the process, they are very professional and gentle. From time to time, they try to calm you down by having the right conversation to keep your attention away from the mild pain at the same time cheering you up (To be frank, I'm a waxing freak and I don't feel pain at all). 


Sri Hartamas 1N

I do sign up for their IPL packages because they are very worthy and not to mention they have the best service. So why not? :)

I never like hot weather, but I love sauna. Ecoparadise has this antioxidant hotbed therapy that helps to release body statics and radicals which help your skin



This shall be the best part. OK, we got two passes for Celebrity Fitness free trial for 5 days and there goes our gym spirit. Macam yes. Yea I'm not a sport or exercise person but hell yea I'm so anticipated in this. Packed all my sport attire and and combed all my hair up in a pony tail and I'm readyyy.


Let's take a look at my 5 days gym experience with Celebrity Fitness.



Sorry to tell that I wasn't that knowledgeable when comes to exercise, all I did was follow the instruction that's written on each machine on how the mechanism works. And I'll do it for a good 10-15mins.





No joke okey, I really sweat bucket. My mind and soul were quite determine to push myself forward.


I must say they have a wonderful dressing room!! Mad love this place lo. It would be great to have all you biatches together for a makeover. :)

And then I had my sauna session about 20mins every time after work out. Extra perspiration and I'm loving that soft skin of mine after releasing those toxic sweat from my body. I feel so much better.

Right after we get ourselves groomed, let us take a selfie. :)

So how's Worthy Book sounds like to you? For me, it's a book of wonder for girls.

Head on to

Worthy Book FB        :
Worthy Book Website:

for more information or place your purchase right away.

Have fun girls. :)

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Perks of Being A Mermaid


I think most of you have seen the photos of me in Facebook being one of the fairytale characters, Ariel *smirk*. Just kidding. But yea, I did enjoyed myself being a mermaid. I took up this introductory class of mermaid hosted by one of my childhood swimming coach, Mr. Dolphin Lee, for a day. Words couldn't explain how excited I was despite being a little nervous wondering if I could swim without my legs moving freely in the water. Then those nonsense thoughts begun, I may drown (I can swim in fact), I can't open my eyes in the water, can I keep that stunning look like a mermaid or a dumbass mermaid wannabe. Then the worries go on.

Nevertheless, I still need to go on. It was fun picking the fins that matches our swim wear. I was in forest green so I snatched the green one. Well, actually all of us were in variant swim wear colors, so there's no need to fight for one. Oh, one more thing, it ain't easy to put on that fairytale fin.


We had a few rounds of practices on how to swim like a mermaid before we can officially put on the fin and swim like one, or else you'll drown. I really mean it. It's pretty difficult I must say, I almost gave up because I couldn't balance myself when I had my legs together and the fin makes it harder to flap each time I tend to make a move. But remember, practice makes perfect. I still made it though.

Let's take a look at the photos taken by Mr.Lee.


My best shot of all.

This would be my first time swimming without goggle. Damn it, it's fucking darn difficult to open my eyes in the water I swear but I couldn't understand why others can do it effortlessly even in the sea water, it's effing salt water man and how the hell they can make it?!! I tried, I made it, but I got nervous and couldn't control my breath with my eyes opened. So I can only open small small like mata sepet lo.. :)

Composed a video of my mermaid class.


Mermaids of the day featuring Dolphin Lee.

Last but not least, a photo of me practicing my mermaid kicks. Haha.

Till then. Hope you had a great weekend.

Love Anne XOXO

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Season To Be Jolly


Christmas has just passed I know. But it's about time I upload some of the joyful photos up here. Remember those years where I spammed my site with whole lotsa yuletide entries? Haha. Things got a little (or I should say extremely) different as life goes on. I'm less 'active' in all sorta fun things already. Fuck it man.

Anyhow, let the pictures do the talking. (I started to love selfie all over again)



*Christmas gift arrived earlier on Christmas eve.

It's like oh so random the besties happened to be in town for Christmas & I just can't miss out our catch up time.







We dressed up in a preppy theme with our new kitty cat head gear we got from Subang Parade weekend stalls. Just can't help flaunting with it while we stroll the malls. It's cool to have such a friend to go cuckoo with you whenever you're bored.

In a very good mood I harvested 2 pairs of ring at once. Meh, the quality is disappointing but the designs were absolutely great I must say.

Love this shot the most. I felt so loved.

Enjoyed the last day of Christmas holiday with le Dude before getting back to the dreadful reality. Oh, so sad.

Till my next entry.. Take care and Happy New Year.

Love Anne XOXO