Saturday, May 12, 2012

Escape to Prison Break Night

Hey sweetie pie. How's you day so far?..

I've so much to post but I've so lil' time to do so. Now, here goes another overdue entry. It was my fun night out with my uni chums to our campus event, Prison Break Night, hold by Crime Prevention Society, Film Club, Board Games Club and International Friendship Society. It was a very successful one. I find that the utmost fun parts about attending these sort of events is the progress of dolling up and picture snapping. I just love to touch my make up tools and mess with my hair cause I seldom have the chance to have my make up nicely done back in Kampar.

We were kinda astounded with their excellent decorations and creativity which turned a normal empty hall into jail-like interior with spooky zombies. Will, just let the pictures do the talking.

my chums. smoking hot and sexc.

picture with our juniors.

prisoners' uniform.

These dudes were my bodyguards. I'm so protected.

they have not one but 3 stages for performances. the performances included instrumental duets, vocals, contemporary hip hop dance and Chinese yoyo acrobats.

camwhoring, what we girls do best.

say hi to Detective Conan.

Here comes the interesting part of the event, the story of Prison Break.
the policeman.

the buddy of the convict.

Finally, after investigations, the convict has been caught.

Another session of photo snapping.

the charming guys of our course.

and the pretty girls of our course.

A group photo of Chemistry course students before we left the hall.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend.

Love Anne XOXO.


Hilda Milda™ said...

Indeed a very cool event with so many props and stuff. You guys even have Crime Prevention Society :O So fun!

Camy said...

gahhhh! all look so hot!